//San Francisco – #AnythingGoes

San Francisco_overview

“San Francisco Is 49 Square Miles Surrounded By Reality:” This is how residents describe their city, almost 127 square kilometers in size – as being detached from reality. Those who live here are said to dwell in their own worlds. And it seems as if they live on the cutting edge…. but the heart of this city beats briskly, not frantically. Like no other metropolis, San Francisco progresses with ease.

And those who let themselves for the balancing act between stress and calmness, harvest success, on either a social or personal level. Just like the participants of the counter-culture movement in the 1960s, against the political establishment, just like the hippies did in the 1970s or the homosexuals, who made this city their dwelling place a little later. Even those on a professional level that could change the world, like during the boom in information technology in the eighties and the dotcom boom in the nineties.

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//Always on the Road: Street Food Indulgence

Worldwide, street food is more popular than ever. In Germany, people wait in lines in front of entrances to street food markets. It seems they are all tired of the same old standard fast food – it hasn’t satisfied their hunger for a long time now. They are looking for greater variety and long for quality food that is prepared in a simple way, yet still appeals to their individual tastes. We wanted to know: where does this hunger for street food come from?

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//New York City: Wait or Run

Inspired by Christopher Thomas’ mystical photo essay “New York sleeps,” a colleague and I set off for the Big Apple in September to shoot two films, knowing that we would find the city’s buzz, but also hoping to find the city’s quieter side. Not that our schedule gave any hint of this: ten days packed with meetings, interviews, conferences, instagramming for clients and two film projects. In short, a New Yorker’s life in caricature.

Our initial idea was to uncover a different New York – capturing the city’s elusive moments of calm in the style of the popular German photographer. Thomas used a custom-made large-format field camera. Our medium was video. The 80 black-and-white photographs in his 2012 book depict familiar cityscapes, but with a twist. This urban landscape is ghostly and dreamlike: Grand Central Station devoid of commuters, the Brooklyn Bridge a deserted monument, Fifth Avenue sans flâneurs. Not a single photo conveying the hectic way of life we call New York.

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//Always on the Road: Die Algarve, Surferparadies im südwestlichen Europa

„It’s like the mafia. Once you’re in – you’re in. There’s no getting out“, so umschrieb der elfmalige Surfweltmeister Kelly Slater einst seine große Leidenschaft für das Wellenreiten und zielte dabei auch auf den ganz eigenen Lifestyle der internationalen Surfgemeinde ab.

Was Slater konkret damit meinte, konnten im Sommer sechs Reise- und Lifestyle-Blogger hautnah erleben. Auf Einladung von airberlin und dem Algarve Promotion Bureau (ATA) waren die Online-Multiplikatoren auf einer Entdeckungsreise durch das Surferparadies der Algarve, im äußersten Südwesten Europas, unterwegs. Mehrere Tage verbrachten die Blogger an dem 150 Kilometer breiten Küstenstrich, drei davon in einem Surfcamp in der Nähe von Lagos. Dort ging es rauf aufs Brett – anstrengend, teilweise qualvoll, waren die ersten Stunden im Wasser. Doch dann kam es, das Glücksgefühl, das man wieder und wieder erleben will – fast wie eine Sucht. OSK stand als Kommunikationsagentur mit auf dem Board, organisierte im Auftrag der Kunden die Tour und war für die Blogger Relations verantwortlich.

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//Always on the Road: Around the World in 8 Days

Über Service, Dichtung und Wahrheit am scheinbar blauen Himmel

Sonntag vor Ostern, 11.30 Uhr. LH 408 nach Newark steht an Gate A89 des Düsseldorfer Flughafens zum Einsteigen bereit, ein Airbus 340 mit dem Namen “Viersen”. Es ist der erste Abschnitt einer schnellen Reise um die Welt – in einer Woche zunächst nach New York, dann weiter nach Peking, und schließlich zurück nach Paris.

Grund ist der Messekalender der Autoindustrie, der in diesem Jahr gleich mehrere Überschneidungen aufweist: so liegt der Pressetag der “Auto China” in Peking, der größten asiatischen Automobilmesse, ausgerechnet auf Ostersonntag und parallel zur New York International Auto Show. Später im Jahr wird die Auto Guangzhou wiederum parallel zur Auto Show in Los Angeles laufen – ein Schelm, der sich nichts dabei denkt.

Drei Langstreckenflüge in acht Tagen, mit Lufthansa, United und Air France. 33 Stunden Flugzeit, fast 13.000 Meilen oder 20.000 Kilometer – ein Härtetest, wo der Wettbewerb unter den Airlines am stärksten ist: in der Business Class. “Nonstop you” behauptet Lufthansa in ihrer laufenden Kampagne, “Fly the friendly skies” lädt United ein, “France is in the Air” lockt Air France mit dem Versprechen von Savoir Vivre in 10.000 Meter Höhe.

Dichtung oder Wahrheit?

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//Always on the road: Witnessing rays of hope in Detroit

What’s going on in… Detroit! Are you wondering “why in the world would anyone want to go to Detroit?” Some of my coworkers asked me that very same question – because it’s no secret the stories of crime, urban decay and even the recent bankruptcy of the city itself have created many negative impressions. For those living under a rock, Detroit has been frequently featured in national news as being the largest U.S. municipality to ever file for bankruptcy. But as a native of the area (and one who returns fairly often) I can tell you that there are still a great many positive attributes the city has, and on top of those there’s been an influx in entrepreneurialism and considerable growth as of late – one that I haven’t seen the likes of at any point in my memory.

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