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San Francisco – #AnythingGoes
“San Francisco Is 49 Square Miles Surrounded By Reality:” This is how residents describe their city, almost 127 square kilometers in size – as being... Artikel lesen
Always on the Road: Street Food Indulgence
Worldwide, street food is more popular than ever. In Germany, people wait in lines in front of entrances to street food markets. It seems they are all tired of... Artikel lesen
New York City: Wait or Run
Inspired by Christopher Thomas’ mystical photo essay “New York sleeps,” a colleague and I set off for the Big Apple in September to shoot two films,... Artikel lesen
Always on the Road: Die Algarve, Surferparadies im südwestlichen Europa
„It’s like the mafia. Once you’re in – you’re in. There’s no getting out“, so umschrieb der elfmalige Surfweltmeister Kelly Slater einst seine... Artikel lesen
Always on the Road: Around the World in 8 Days
Über Service, Dichtung und Wahrheit am scheinbar blauen Himmel Sonntag vor Ostern, 11.30 Uhr. LH 408 nach Newark steht an Gate A89 des Düsseldorfer... Artikel lesen
Always on the road: Witnessing rays of hope in Detroit
What’s going on in… Detroit! Are you wondering “why in the world would anyone want to go to Detroit?” Some of my coworkers asked me that very same... Artikel lesen