//What do the experts recommend? 21 useful apps and internet services for communicating successfully online.

Communicating has become more important than ever. But a shifting media landscape, a deluge of data, and permanent communication – when researching, producing and processing content, professional online publishers face a very challenging task. In view of the daily information overload, it has become more important than ever to filter news and topics, assess their relevance, and present the key content in a wider context. The stories are then distributed through the publisher’s own channels, and the second round of crucial activity, namely tracking, begins. Communication professionals monitor the life cycle and dissemination of their work, analyse the feedback of their readers and followers, and enter into a dialogue with them – more or less around the clock. Those who refrain from following up the readership’s input or are unwilling to engage with the online public are certain to get left behind in the long run – as acknowledged by internet experts. In brief, for those who communicate online for a living, working in the Web in 2014 is no longer a stroll in the park. Having access to the appropriate technical resources, however, such as special apps and internet services, can significantly accelerate and facilitate complex workflows. Such tools provide a better overview of news streams, and enable users to monitor their own output and the responses it generates more efficiently. They also help publishers to organise their work and, in particular, to establish their own strong online brands.

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