//San Francisco – #AnythingGoes

San Francisco_overview

“San Francisco Is 49 Square Miles Surrounded By Reality:” This is how residents describe their city, almost 127 square kilometers in size – as being detached from reality. Those who live here are said to dwell in their own worlds. And it seems as if they live on the cutting edge…. but the heart of this city beats briskly, not frantically. Like no other metropolis, San Francisco progresses with ease.

And those who let themselves for the balancing act between stress and calmness, harvest success, on either a social or personal level. Just like the participants of the counter-culture movement in the 1960s, against the political establishment, just like the hippies did in the 1970s or the homosexuals, who made this city their dwelling place a little later. Even those on a professional level that could change the world, like during the boom in information technology in the eighties and the dotcom boom in the nineties.

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